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Past research

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Individual differences in reading comprehension difficulties

In several projects, we investigated the cognitive processes by good and struggling readers. The results showed that there are distinct subgroups of struggling readers and that each subgroup benefits from a different, targeted intervention.

Special needs of children with developmental disorders

The comorbidity of DSM-IV related symptoms of autism, ADHD, ODDCD and anxiety/depression symptoms in children with special needs was investigated, as was their cognitive and social-emotional development. Cross-sectional results showed a strong overlap in needs across diagnostic categories and longitudinal results showed severe lags in cognitive development unrelated to the nature of diagnostic categories.

It was concluded that, to improve developmental success, assessments and treatments by practitioners must be better attuned to remediation of underlying impairments in cognitive and social-emotional skills rather than laying focus on categorical diagnosis and formal treatment of disorders. 

Development of progress measures for secondary-school students

In previous research, we have developed reliable and valid progress measures for secondary-school students that reflect performance and are sensitive to growth over time. These measures can be used by teachers to evaluate the effects of instructional programs on the learning trajectories of students with learning disabilities in reading, content-area learning (history and science), writing, and language learning. 

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