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Research is meant to generate knowledge, in a rational and sensible way. Many research methods exist to do this, and creativity is an important factor. Our mission is to explore creative, playful, unexpected, and unconventional forms of academic research.

Through our research we hope to bring fresh views, challenging thoughts, and a creative spark to academia. Whether this is in the natural sciences, humanities or any other academic field is irrelevant.

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Our research vision

Research can study anything. It is not limited to certain themes or methods. Also, alternative forms of research output are valid, not just articles. There is plenty of room for creativity, and we want to explore it.

Research by creating can be important alongside more commonplace methods. By applying technology in fresh ways, one learns new things — new methods and alternative insights are discovered. We see this as a valid and productive way of doing research.

Students should engage in research practice. In our research, students are generally the principal investigator. We encourage students to submit their papers to international journals, conferences, and relevant festivals. In nearly all our publications, students are first author.

Interdisciplinarity and projects at the “scale of individuals” are important, as a way to stimulate research creativity.

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