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Leiden Ethnosystems and Development Programme (LEAD)


Apart from PhD monographs, the LEAD Programme has also published several books and reports. Some works which have been published by the LEAD Programme or other publishers are as follows:

The Cultural Dimension of Development: Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Michael Warren, L.J. Slikkerveer & David Brokensha
ITP Publication,1995


Plural Medical Systems in The Horn of Africa: The Legacy of ‘Sheikh’Hippocrates

Leendert Jan Slikkerveer
ITP Publication,1990


Man-Ape Ape-Man: The Quest for Human’s Place in Nature and Dubois’‘Missing Link’

Richard E Leakey & L.Jan Slikkerveer

Foreword by Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands
Netherlands Foundation for Kenya Wildlife Service, 1993


Indigenous Agricultural Knowledge Systems in Developing Countries: A Bibilography

Richard E Leakey & L.Jan Slikkerveer

Indigenous Knowledge Systems Research & Development Studies No.1
LEAD & The INDAKS Consortium, 1994


Pithecanthropus: Kisah Manusia Purba dari Indonesia, Penemunya Dubois dan Arti Penemuan itu Bagi Asal-usul Manusia

Richard E. Leakey & L.Jan Slikkerveer

Foreword: President of The Republic of Indonesia Soeharto & Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands

Richard Leakey Foundations for Anthropological Research, 1995


Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Implications for Agriculture & International Development

D Michael Warren, L.Jan Slikkerveer, S. Oguntunji Titilola (eds)

Studies in Technology & Social Change No.11
Technolgoy & Social Change Program, IOWA, USA


The Economics of Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge Systems into Agricultural Development: A Model and Analytical Framework
S. Oguntunji Titilola

Studies in Technology and Social Change No. 17
Technology & Social Change Program, IOWA, USA


Pastoralist and Education: Towards Integrated Education for Sustainable Community Development in The Horn of Africa

Special Issue: Proceeding of the Seminar on ‘Nomadic Education’
Diana Bosch, Kees Maxey & Ali Mohamed (eds)

PENHA London & LEAD Programme,Leiden 2006


Traditional Healing Systems: Negotiating Science and Technology Changes

Special Issue: Medical Social Science Research Symposium Singapore
Stella R Quah & L.Jan Slikkerveer (eds)

NUS/UL Collaborative Research and Training Project, 2003


Ethnoveterinary Medicine: An Annotated Biblography

Evelyn Mathias-Mundy & Constance M. Mc.Corckle

Bibiliographies in Technology and Social Change No.6

Technology and Social Change Program, IOWA State University USA

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