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Leiden Ethnosystems and Development Programme (LEAD)

International Cooperation

Since its establsihment in 1987, the LEAD Programme has engaged in several fruitful cooperation programmes around the world which are similarly interested and involved in the multidisciplinary field of ethnoscience and development.

The joint cooperation activities have been formalised in a Letter of Intent or a Letter of Agreement, in which a particular focus is indicated, such as the documentation, study and analysis of indigenous knowledge and institutions in sectors, such as medicine, agriculture, ecology, bio-cultural diversity conservation, integrated microfinance management and higher education management.

Following the undersigning of the Letter of Intent, joint activities are undertaken, including joint research projects and programmes, joint education and training, joint executive courses, joint post-graduate Master and PhD courses, joint international exhibitions, joint international conferences, seminars and workshops, and joint publications.

Formal cooperation is in progress with the following counterparts:




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