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Graduate School of Science

Prospective PhD Candidates

The Graduate School of Science offers 9 PhD Programmes, spanning the entire spectrum of science. If you have a Master's degree, are proficient in English, and share a fascination with science, you may want to pursue a PhD degree at the Leiden Graduate School of Science. If so, the first step is to find a supervisor.

Finding a supervisor

Finding the right supervisor is a key element and the first step in the process of obtaining a doctorate. The supervisor has to confirm that she/he is willing to accept you as a PhD candidate (promovendus) before any further steps can be taken. Contact a professor or senior staff member directly: contact information can be found searching by name or at the website of the Research Institute in your area of interest.


You register at the Graduate School of Science by sending an email to the Graduate School of Science Office: gsoffice@science.leidenuniv.nl.

Certified copies (in paper form) of your Master's degree including transcripts and an English translation need to be sent to the Graduate School Office, preferably directly by the University issuing the diploma in a sealed envelope.

Once the Graduate School Office has received your request and the relevant documents, the GSO will send you login credentials for LUCRIS GSM, the university system for administration.

Fill out and upload the application form to LUCRIS GSM. Click here for a LUCRIS GSM manual.

Procedures and requirements regarding visa, residence permits and work permits may differ per applicant, as rules differ from country to country.  The Service Centre International Staff (SCIS) will assist you in applying for the necessary permits.

As soon as possible after the start of your PhD, the Dean of the Faculty of Science will officially need to appoint your supervisor(s) (promotors) and co-supervisor(s) (co-promotors). Therefore, the PhD candidate needs to send an official request to the Graduate School of Science using appendix 2 within 6 weeks after the start of the PhD Programme. 

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