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Computer Science & AI

Media & creativity

This is where artificial intelligence and machine learning meet philosophy, cognitive science, and the creative arts. Examples of research questions in this domain are: 'Can an algorithm be creative by human standards?', 'Can creative processes, such as composing music or writing poetry, be modelled?', and 'How can algorithms optimally support human creativity?'


Applications and research directions include interaction models, augmented/virtual reality, computer-generated art, computational research of language and literature, gaming, and 'public technology' like the systems in smartphones, 3D-printers, robots, and drones. We also include (serious) games: virtual and augmented worlds make such tasks as skill-straining more enjoyable for both children and adults.

Research goals and output

Within our Media & Creativity thema we emphase on personal curiosity and on conducting research in creative and playful ways. Research conducted by both staff and students regularly leads to practical spin-offs in society and entrepreneurship, or to exhibitions in museums and public space.


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