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Education Committees

The Education Committee is primarily a consultative body. In this committee, education is discussed jointly by students and lecturers. It is an indispensable tool in the process of quality assurance and improvement of education.


For the committee one of the more formal means to contribute to the quality improvement of education is to issue an advice. When the education programme is adopted by the faculty council, the committee's advice is even legally required. Furthermore, the committee itself can determine for which aspects of the education it wishes to issue a formal recommendation. The recommendations are addressed to the management of the Institute. Because the advice is issued through consultation of students and lecturers together, great importance is attached to these recommendations.


There are two Education Committees: the BSc EducationCommittee and the MSc Education Committee. Both include three student members from the respective programmes. Every year, around October, new student members are chosen as representatives for their programmes.

We strive to involve students from each year and every specialization of the BSc programmes in the BSc Education Committee. To achieve this, the BSc Education Committee has student advisers in addition to student members. The MSc Education Committee has a student from the MSc programmes Computer Science, ICT in Business and Media Technology. Three staff members are represented in each committee and they are appointed by the faculty.


The committees are in close contact with the director of education, the study advisers, the education coordinators and a representative of ICLON. Topics that are discussed are:

  • Facilities
  • Education evaluation
  • Computer rooms (temperature, seats)
  • Time-limit for correcting exams
  • Curriculum changes
  • Meetings

The meetings are freely accessible to everyone. If you have complaints or have something to share, you are welcome to address this during a meeting. You can also contact one of the members individually. The meetings are approximately once every two months.

BSc Education Committee

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Dr. Frank Takes (Chair)
Dr. Mitra Baratchi
Dr. Todor Stefanov
Drs. Esme Caubo (Secretary)
Murk Roos (Student)
Valérie Paul (Student)
Eva van Houten (Student)
Lisanne van der Meulen (Advisory member)
Jaap Blok (Advisory member)

MSc Education Committee

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Dr. Michael Lew (Chair)
Dr. Erwin Bakker 
Edwin van der Heide MMA 
José Visser (Secretary)
Jian Wang
Joost Barendse (Student)
Bianca Blom (Student)
Mees Gelein (Student)
Jan van Staalduinen (Student)


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