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The Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) works together closely with companies, governments, NGO‘s and knowledge institutes.

The Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LAICS) cooperates intensively with national and international companies, authorities and knowledge institutes.

There are many possibilities to do research with LIACS, varying from small-scale research by masterstudents, to international and multidisciplinary projects that includes many of scientists. The optimal type of cooperation depends on your organisation, the urgence and the complexity of your research question.

Do research with us

  • Research projects are often supported by the EU, the Dutch scientific funds NWO or STW, together with private and academic partners.
  • The Applied Data Science Lab will provide you with the opportunity to learn and benefit from the latest insights in your field of expertise and explore further research collaboration.
  • You could have your research executed by recent graduates or current students by way of a master thesis/internship, closely supervised by our professors or postdocs.

You will have acces to…

  • our research facilities and research infrastructure: high power computing, sequencing facilities, bio-IT, computing cluster, etc.
  • the possibility of taking a license on scientific results.
  • our programme Sponsorship for business.

On the one hand, collaborative research adds significant value to the development of the economy. It enhances the innovative potential, which in turn strengthens the (inter-)national competitive position. On the other hand, your business challenges inspire our researchers to rethink the way they do research and invite them to look for new opportunities beyond their existing landscape. That way we do not only support you in developing your competitive position, but also continuously refresh our research. Read more.

Read the latest issue of the LIACS Quarterly Magazine.

Would you like to read more about cooperation, please contact Jeroen van der Leijé, the LIACS business liaison.


Does your company want to have access to our alumni or recent graduates, please contact the LIACS Secretariat. A selection of our alumni can be found on the LinkedIn groups of Computer Science and ICT in Business.

We would like to stay in contact with LIACS alumni. Therefore, we kindly ask all alumni to join the LIACS LinkedIn group.