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Algorithms and Software Technology (AST)

Algorithms and Software Technology is one of the three research programme of the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Systems (LIACS). We perform fundamental research in the areas of algorithm design and analysis. Our emphasis is on algorithms and architectures for mining large data volumes as well as on natural computing. In these areas, we focus on the development of formalisms, methods, techniques and tools to design, analyse, and construct software systems and components.

The research programme contains two themes.


Computer science has its roots in mathematics. That is why LIACS' theoretical research is undertaken by a team of computer scientists and mathematicians. Our efforts are focused on better understanding the fundamental characteristics of specific computational problems.

Machine learning

Computers are capable of formulating new algorithms on the basis of data they themselves have gathered. In other words, these computers can learn without having been pre-programmed by humans. They make predictions we never expected. At LIACS, we explore the possibilities offered by this revolutionary new generation of computers.

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