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Centre for Computational Life Sciences (CCLS)

CCLS Past Events 2019

These are CCLS events that have already taken place. PDFs of the presentations will be added once they have been received.

Meeting 23 April 2019


Ahmed Mahfouz 
Untangling Single Cell Data; Interaction, Identification and Intergration

Jelle Goeman
Double Dipping Done Right; Interactive, Statistical Inference in Neuroimaging

Patrick Echtenbruck

Drinks & Nibbles at Foobar

Interaction Meeting 24 May 2019


Update on CCLS

Break out in Groups and Logo Design

Pitches by Groups and Discussion

Drinks & Nibbles at Foobar


Meeting 18 June 2019, Snellius


Vivi Rottschäfer
Towards a 3D distribution Model of Drugs in the Brain 

Sander Hill
Computational Issues in Mathematical (Plant) Biology

Drinks & Nibbles at Foobar


Meeting 24 October 2019 LUMC, Building 1, J-01-117, Conference Room


15.00 - 15.10   Welcome with coffee/tea

15.10 - 15.30   Coen van Hasselt - Quantitative modeling in translational and clinical pharmacology (LACDR)

15.30 -15.50    Sirin Yunucu - Translational systems pharmacology modeling for immune-oncology (LACDR) 

15.50 - 16.30   Discussion

16.30 - 17.30   Drinks and Nibbles in LAB 071

Meeting 5 November 2019, Gorlaeus, GM 4.13


Charles Hoyt, Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing in Sankt Augustin, Germany: 

Applications of Biomedical Knowledge Graphs in Drug Discovery 

See also: Applications of Knowledge Graphs in Drug Discovery


Drug discovery campaigns are often successful because of a coherence between the identification of key proteins in a disease and their subsequent targeting for modulation. Network representation learning will be presented as a schema-free framework for integrating and jointly modeling several biological relationships from heterogeneous data types like chemical activities, chemical similarity, drugs’ side effects, drugs’ indications, and disease-associated proteins. It will be shown how link prediction tasks in an integrative network are isomorphic to several key tasks in drug discovery such as proteochemometrics, target prioritization, side effect prediction, and drug repositioning. Finally, it will be shown how the underlying network can be directly used to identify and rank potential mechanisms of action for drug repositioning candidates.

19 November 2019 Meeting - Science Club and Bar, Gorlaeus


16.00 - 16.10 Welcome with Coffee and Tea

16.10 - 16.35 Willem Jespers - Molecular Dynamics and Free Energy Calculation Approaches: What can it do for you

16.35 - 17.05 Alexander Gultyeav - Structural Bioinformatics of Virus RNA's

17.05 - 17.15 Michael Emmerich - NWO Klein Proposal

17.15 - 17.30 Discussion and Announcements

17.30 Drinks and Nibbles at the Science Bar

Presentation by Alexander Gultyeav

29 November 2019 Meeting - Hortus Botanicus

Lunch at the Faculty Club

Julia Handl, Manchester University - Data-driven Optimization: Using machine learning principles to focus the search in evolutionary optimization

Workshop in the Hortus Botanics: Herbs and Spices or Tour of the Botanical Gardens

Lindsey Burggraaff LACDR - Challenges in Computational Drug Discovery - Bridging Computer Science and Medicianal Chemistry

Irene Martorelli LIACS - Integration and Computational Analysis of Fungal Metabarcoding Data

Rob van Wijk IBL - The Zebrafish as Whole Vertebrate Organism for Systems Modelling

Thomas Bakkum LIC - Data Processing and Analysis in Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy

Drinks and Nibbles in Het Pakhuis, Doelensteeg 8

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