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Microbial Biotechnology & Health

We are a diverse group of microbiologists who seek to understand the structure and function of microbes at all levels of biological organization, from communities, through development, to cellular structures and molecules at atomic resolution.

Our core research areas are:

Microbial Evolution & Ecology (MEE)
We investigate how microbes sense and respond to their environment and interact with other organisms. This includes elucidating the triggers and cues that elicit cryptic biosynthetic pathways for bioactive natural products.

Antibiotics & Anticancer Compounds (AAC)
We apply genomics and metabolomics technologies to discover new bioactive natural products, in particular antibiotics and anticancer compounds, and unravel the regulatory networks and biosynthetic pathways required for their production.

Microbial Cell Biology & Development (MCB&D)
We make important contributions to unravel the processes controlling cellular morphogenesis, growth, development and virulence, and visualise cellular structures and components from cellular level to atomic resolution.

Microbial Cell Factories (MCF)
We develop strain-design technologies based on biological understanding, and apply this to optimise microbes as cell factories for bioactive molecules and industrial enzymes.

Coordinator: Dr. D. Claessen, Secretary: Manou van der Wolf.

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