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SAILS Lunch Time Seminar 25 January

Monday 25 January 2021
Online only

Second chance to watch

Due to technical difficulties with MS Teams on 18 January, the webinar by Matthijs Westera was not widely available. However, our speaker has kindly agreed to give his presenation again on Monday 25 January.

Nele Mentens was originally scheduled to speak on this date; her talk has been moved to Monday 15 March.

Title: Modeling (implicit) questions in discourse

When we talk, we try to be clear, coherent, relevant, informative and truthful, or at least to appear that way. An audience will expect this, and this expectation constrains their possible interpretations of our utterances. How exactly this works is the topic of the linguistic field of Pragmatics, where a helpful notion has proven to be that of a Question Under Discussion (QUD): a (typically implicit) question to which an utterance must provide some kind of answer. In a coherent discourse, every utterance should address a pertinent QUD, ideally one that was evoked by the preceding discourse. Despite their centrality in the field of Pragmatics, QUDs have received only little attention in Natural Language Processing (NLP), where the vast majority of work on discourse coherence is not QUD-based but relation-based (discourse relations such as 'explanation' and 'elaboration'), and virtually any work on questions concerns, instead, either question answering (given a question, find a suitable answer to it) or 'answer questioning' (given an answer contained in a text, generate a suitable comprehension question for it). I will present my (et al.) ongoing attempts (crowdsourcing and computational modeling) to add QUDs to the NLP toolbox, hoping to receive valuable suggestions for, e.g., possible applications in the various fields represented at SAILS.

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