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Safety in the Field | Research Internship

Since #MeToo there has been more openness about experiences of intimidations and sexual harassment of predominantly women at universities. Several universities have committees committed to the safety of the workplace. However, the issue of safety during fieldwork is rarely addressed. While an American study reported 70 percent of women academic experienced sexual intimidations during fieldwork, this is still not a common topic in (under)graduate research courses.

Jasmijn Rana

LOVA seeks a master student who will research experiences of sexual harassment and other forms of unsafety during fieldwork, but also investigates how universities prepare and care for their researchers. What is being done in terms of pre- and post-fieldwork training? How can researchers be better prepared for challenges they might face in relation to protecting their personal boundaries? What kind of structures are currently in place at universities after researchers report such experiences? What kind of changes are necessary? This research also aims to explore what kind of support researchers need and how universities can be helped in providing this. The internship consists of research at multiple Dutch Universities and should utilise a mixed method research design, using questionnaires and open interviews.


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