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Research project

Contextualisation of health goals

How are health goals related to other valued personal goals?

Winifred Gebhardt

Based on the Health Behavior Goal Model (Gebhardt, 1997; Maes & Gebhardt, 2000), we examine the underlying meaning attached to the goals that individuals pursue, from the conviction that we can only understand behavior when we know the motives behind it, and how they are imbedded in the whole conglomerate of other important individual goals. Consequently, we investigate motives that underlie health behaviors (e.g., sexual motives) and how they may influence behavioral choices within specific contexts (e.g., casual or steady partners, or condom placement preferences in stores). In addition, the distinct processes of goal facilitation, goal conflict, and goal frustration as well as their impact on behavior are within my main research interests.


Physically active in the neighborhood (ZonMW, 2012)

The effects of the public smoking ban on current smokers’ smoking behavior and (self)conceptions, and implications for governmental communication (Miro/Pfizer, 2009)

Testing a theory on continued abstinence and relapse among ex-smokers and developing an internet-based computer system for individualized feedback (ZonMW, 2006; PI Arie Dijkstra)

Study on the influence of emotions and implementation intentions for the reduction of alcohol abuse among students (Leiden University Fund/ Gratama stichting-Byvanck Fund, 2005)


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In Press

Kunst, L.E. & Gebhardt, W.A. (accepted for publication). Prevalence and psychosocial correlates of party-drug use and associated problems among university students in the Netherlands". Substance Use and Misuse.

Publications in relation to pain

Claes, N. & Gebhardt, W.A. (accepted for publication). Chronic pain and goal frustration. Chapter in: P. Karoly & G. Crombez (eds). Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain: Theory, Research, and Practice.



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