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Research project

Citizen Science and Networks

How can citizen science be used to communicate and provide data for social network analysis?

2017  -   2021
NWO gravity (‘zwaartekracht’) program NETWORKS NWO gravity (‘zwaartekracht’) program NETWORKS

Prof. dr. Johan van Leeuwaarden, Eindhoven University of Technology

NWO gravity (‘zwaartekracht’) program NETWORKS

The Network Pages


Researching the possibilities of using citizen science projects to both progress applied social network research and create a better understanding of networks and network research among the public.


In cooperation with the Applied Mathematics department at Eindhoven University of Technology and with funding from the NWO gravity (‘zwaartekracht’) program NETWORKS, the project will design and evaluate a citizen science project for social network analysis. Citizen science is a term used for research for which non-scientists (‘citizens’) help collect data. The goal is to develop a project that progresses applied social network research as well as creates a better understanding of mathematics research and the concept of ‘networks’ among the public.


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