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MORE-PE: outreach activities and strategies of scientific institutes in the Netherlands

What is the culture of public engagement at research institutes (RIs) in the Netherlands and how does this compare to other countries?

2016 - 2018
Pedro Rodrigues Dos Santos Russo-
Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), Portugal and Marie Curie Programme, European Commission

The MORE-PE project aims to map outreach activities and strategies of scientific institutes in The Netherlands and to compare these results to other countries.

The MORE-PE project aims to map outreach activities and strategies of scientific institutes. The project is part of a major international research project that offers opportunities to compare the activities in different countries. Leiden University is responsible for collecting data in The Netherlands.

The purpose of this international research is to develop indicators that measure the extent and type of activities for valorization and outreach. In addition, recommendations are made based on the results to increase the extent of public activities of scientific institutes. This can lead to more effectiveness of science communication, ultimately promoting the public understanding of science and public involvement in science.

Although much research is now being done on the science popularization by individual scientists, the focus on science communication at institutional level is still small. Right at this level, change is expected and demanded, because the institutes can facilitate and direct the outreach activities. Research on the outreach at institute level is therefore of great importance. Not only because current activities will be mapped, they can also be compared to define success factors and barriers.

This research project may ultimately serve as the basis for advice to scientific institutions on the valorization of their research.

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