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Research project

Fingerprint biomarker analysis and modeling for disease progression stage diagnostics in Alzheimer's Disease

The major objective of the research is to provide a potential diagnostic tool which may serve as a “liquid biopsy biomarker fingerprint” in human to asses the stage of Alzheimer’s Disease. To that end, the relation between disease stage and brain ECF, CSF and blood biomarkers will be investigated.

Elizabeth (Liesbeth) de Lange

First, a profound literature search is performed to explore existing biomarker data on Alzheimer’s Disease to define relationship of biomarkers in brain, brainECF, CSF and blood, in both animals and human. The focus here will be on exosomal vesicle contents. Gaps will be identified, and missing data will be produced in house.

With information on the individual biomarker levels and time course patterns in the (exosomes of) different body compartments, the relationships between compartments and levels for individual biomarkers at different stages of the disease will be investigated and modelled.

Connection with other research

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