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PhD project

Reinventing the Stroh violin

Can the Stroh violin be reivented (recovered, exposed, revived and promoted) in the 21st century contemporary music?


The Stroh violin or “horn violin” is a relatively unknown instrument designed at the turn of the century, a time when sound recording was in its infancy and the Stroh was favourable over a standard violin. As recording technology improved, the Stroh violin fell into obscurity only to emerge decades later as a Transylvanian folk instrument.

It is my intention to recover, expose, revive, and promote the Stroh violin in the 21st century contemporary music world as a way to reinvent this unique instrument. My research will encompass a broad historical investigation, a comparison of “offshoot” Stroh violins and their migration to different cultures, culminating with the commission and recording of several new works by prominent living composers.

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