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PhD project

Playing-techniques of the Italian 18th century salterio

Playing techniques of the Italian 18 th century salterio.

Franziska Fleischanderl

First, Fleischanderl will research written sources concerning problems of historically informed performance with salterio. The contradictory sources leave the question if it was plucked or played by two sticks or if both techniques were used equally.

Second, she will research historical Italian tuning plans and bridge-orderings and diapasons to state a regional and/or chronological order of common schemes and explore their influence on the player. Additionally she will study instrumental documentations of Italian salteri to have an overview of common construction forms in the 18th century in Italy.

Third, Fleischanderl will transform her research outcomes into musical practice by re-performing music for salterio on original instruments. Her artistic research and performance will include both techniques (pizzicato with plectrums and battuto with two sticks), and the performance will be focused on the genre of church music with salterio, including the founding of an ensemble named "Il dolce conforto".

Connection with other research

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