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Parallel track to the same destination? A Comparative Study of local politics and governance between Mainland China and Taiwan

This PhD research project seeks to study the local politics in Mainland China (specifically focus on South Fujian ) by comparing with that of Taiwan——What is the specific ecology of local politics in the two regions during different eras and its role played in the political system as a whole?

2012  -   2017

Goals of this study are to:

(1) Compare local politics during authoritarian era: how and to what extent has the development and transformation of local politics been restricted by the overall authoritarian regimes? What are the similarities and differences of the ruling skills and governmental tactics over local society employed by the CCP regime in Mainland China compared to those of the KMT (Kuomintang) regime in Taiwan before its democratization? What are the historical, practical and ideological reasons for these?

(2) Compare local politics during transformation: how and to what extent did (for Taiwan) and will (for Mainland China) local autonomy and democratization challenge the top-down party-state? Why local politics in Taiwan were normally regarded as the “Carcinoma of democracy” (Min zhu zhi ai) and posed a great threat to democratic consolidation of Taiwan? Will such a phenomenon or paradox reappear in Mainland China in the possible context of democratization? Or, is it likely for the CCP to create a “Chinese Mode” in local politics?

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