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Research project

Archival Interactions: Artists and Archivists

Subproject of the NWO Smart Culture Grant research project 'The Critical Visitor'.

2020 - 2025
NWO Smart Culture Grant NWO Smart Culture Grant

Prof. dr. Hester Dibbits (Amsterdam University of the Arts and Erasmus University) and Dr. Dirk van den Heuvel (TU Delft and Het Nieuwe Instituut)

Archival Interactions: Artists and Archivists at museum/archive partner’s sites bringing together artists and archivists to develop strategies for conducting intersectional archive/artistic research especially when faced with loss and gaps in collected knowledge; resulting in a performative symposium and articles in Journal for Artistic Research or similar open access forum.


1. Doing Intersectional Artistic Research

Led by Steinbock, Sher Doruff

DAS: February 7, 2020

2. Criticality and Solidarity

Led by Amal Alhaag and Inez Blanca van der Scheer

RCMC, at Tropen Museum: May 22, 2020

3 Playful Visualizations

Led by Olle Lundin, Julius Thissen, Michael Karabinos

Van Abbemuseum: October 9, 2020

4. The Anarchive's Excess

Led by Sher Doruff, Arafeh Riahi, Liang-kai Yu, Nienke Scholts

DAS: February 2021

5. [De-]Constructing Heritage

Led by Setarah Noorani, Gabriel A. Maher, Dirk van den Heuvel

Het Nieuwe Instituut: May 2021

6. Legacy and Speculative Archives

Led by Julian Isenia, Nina Littel, Gianmaria Colpani

IHLIA: October 2021

7. Queer Counter-Archives: Practices of Artists and Archivists

Curated by Steinbock and Doruff

Symposium at DAS: February 2022

These sessions aim at providing a platform for artistic researchers and archive professionals working to critique or dismantle mechanisms of exclusion or violent inclusion. This working group is a supportive professional learning community wherein daily practices are reflected on, a shared vocabulary for intersectional research is developed, and an opportunity to expand your (research) network.

Participation is through invitation by the sub-project leader and/or recommendation through a consortium partner/host (ARIAS, DAS, HNI, IHLIA, RCMC, VAM). The first group meeting was held with 27 people present. To join the working group you need not attend every session. We seek to establish around 20 rotating participants present at each session. Email Steinbock for further information.

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