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Research project

Etruscan stone sarcophagi

This subproject studies Etruscan sarcophagi from an iconological point of view.

Bouke van der Meer

About 400 sarcophagi, mainly from southern Etruria, are studied from the iconological point of view. What is the meaning of the mythological, historical, non-mythological and so-called heraldic scenes on the chests, especially in relation to the status of the deceased? The disputed chronological articulation (4th to 1st centuries B.C.), the relation between production centres, the production processes, questions of standardization are other aspects of the research. The lengths of the chests provide interesting information on the lengths of lost skeletons.

A monograph ( Myths and more on Etruscan stone sarcophagi. Louvain, Peeters) has been published in 2004.

Relation with other projects: Etruscan civilisation

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