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Ariadne and Linked Open Data

The Digital Archaeology chairgroup is currently still involved in a project related to EDNA project (national data archive for archaeology). Although this time the focus on innovative research in Computer applications is much stronger. All the archaeological projects in the e-archive are documented with general metadata in order to allow researchers to discover these digital resources. Almost every dataset uses an individual set of file types, data structure and terminology however. Well documented, but impossible to cross search automatically. Linked Open Data (the Semantic web) seems to be able to fulfill this ultimate research requirement.

2013 - 2017
Milco Wansleeben

Since it would allow researchers to find information about, for instance, wooden peddles from the Mesolithic, whatever name or code it was given in publications, databases, maps and photo collections. Within the European Ariadne project (Seventh Framework Programme) this new technology will be put to the test within the domain of Dutch archaeology. ARIADNE will provide online resources, services, training opportunities and will build a community of researchers involved in the integration of the fragmented archaeological resources across Europe. Data mining and text mining across heterogeneous datasets is center of the work package Leiden University is leading. Partners with the necessary technical knowledge were found at the Amsterdam Free University (Frank van Harmelen and Henk Scholte).

Ariadne provides an excellent network in which we are given the opportunity to explore the new possibilities of linked open data for archaeological research.
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