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Metabolomic characteristics of Catharanthus roseus plants in time and space

Promotor: Prof.dr. R. Verpoorte, Co-promotores: Dr. Y.H.Choi, N.R. Mustafa

Q. Pan
16 April 2014
Thesis in Leiden Repository

The thesis aims at combining metabolomics with other methods to investigate the regulation of the TIA biosynthesis and how this is connected with other pathways and the plant’s physiology and development. It reviews the biosynthesis studies of Catharanthus roseus. An HPLC method is described for both precursors and alkaloids which was validated to analyze alkaloid contents in different organs, its relationship with leaf age and growth of C. roseus plants. A metabolomics investigation of C. roseus varieties with different flower colors by NMR profiling method is also reported. Besides, it explores the effect of JA/MeJA treatment on TIA biosynthesis in different organs and the influence of flowering on TIA levels in C. roseus plants. Overexpression of ORCA3 and G10H in C. roseus plants is reported and the effect on alkaloid biosynthesis and general metabolism is revealed by NMR-metabolomics. Finally, it reports on C. roseus plants fed with 13C-labeled glucose to study the flux into different metabolic pathways, and gives a summary and discussion about further perspectives.

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