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Crank: New methods for automated macromolecular crystal structure solution

CRANK is a novel suite for automated macromolecular structure solution and uses recently developed programs for substructure detection, refinement, and phasing.

Ness, S.R., R.A.G. de Graaff, J.P. Abrahams, N.S. Pannu
01 December 2004
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CRANK utilizes methods for substructure detection and phasing and combines them with existing crystallographic programs for density modification and automated model building in a convenient and easy-to-use CCP4i graphical interface. The data model used conforms to the XML eXtensible Markup Language specification and works as a common language to communicate data between many different applications inside and outside of the suite. The application of CRANK on various test cases has yielded promising results: with minimal user input, CRANK can produce better quality solutions over currently available programs.

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