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Harstenhoekweg. Jewish family life in a Scheveningen street, The Netherlands 1900-1942

A search for memories of the street 'Harstenhoekweg' in Scheveningen, The Netherlands 1900-1942.

Wim Willems en Hanneke Verbeek
25 November 2015

With the website Harstenhoekweg Wim Willems and Hanneke Verbeek give an inspiring stimulus to the reconstruction of historical knowledge of Jewish life in the Netherlands.

Starting with one street, the Harstenhoekweg, they will undertake a journey back into history. They focus on Scheveningen, a city quarter of The Hague, where thousands of Dutch and foreign Jews lived. 

Visitors are invited to participate in a communal search for the Jewish past of Scheveningen. Jews and their descendants, wherever in the world they live and non-Jewish residents of Scheveningen can share their personal recollections of  Jewish life in the period 1900-1942.

The website is part of the research project (in Dutch) 'Hoe een stad zijn Joodse verleden herondekt'.

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