Universiteit Leiden

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Bringing knowledge to society

Leiden University trains highly qualified academics who transfer their knowledge to society.

Relevance to society

Society is increasingly calling for research that has specific societal or economic relevance. We regard this as a positive development. It means that our research better addresses questions facing society and has greater impact: not only economic and societal impact, but also cultural and scientific influence and significance.

Knowledge for society

It is not only the scientific world that benefits from the results of our research; professionals in diverse positions, companies, government and other social organisations, and the general public all reap these benefits too. For Leiden University, knowledge forms the basis for solutions to current and future issues in the area of wellbeing, prosperity, culture and the economy.   

There are many examples to illustrate this: the use of stem cells, jurisprudence, young people and upbringing, improvements in education, big data, sustainable energy, the interpretation of international developments such as those in North Korea or Afghanistan, and the functioning of society and security.

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