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Mostafa Abdelmeguid - Paris, Hyde Park, Beverly Hills: in Cairo?

Thursday, the 16th of April at 6:00 pm

In this talk, Mostafa Abdelmeguid will explore the architectural style change of Cairo's urban fabric since Ismail Pasha's Ismailia till today, highlighting both the Khedive Ismail and Hosny Mubarak era. He will use Pierre Bourdieu's Theories of Capital and Thorstein Veblen's conspicuous consumption for his analysis of the subject at hand.

Mostafa Abdelmeguid is an Egyptian urban academic and entrepreneur interested in the diversity of Cairo’s architecture and urban contexts. He acquired his MA in Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship from Goldsmiths, University of London focusing on the urban environment as a creative industry. He studied the area of Historic Cairo, especially Darb Al Labbana in Al Darb Al Ahmar area, and what it takes to create a cultural hub with respect to local communities and traditions. Currently Mostafa is the Business Development Specialist for Al Ismaelia for real estate investment, acquiring and regenerating some of Cairo’s Belle Epoque buildings in the Downtown Cairo area. Mostafa’s work focuses on urban issues such as gentrification, creative and cultural hubs, and building strong partnerships with necessary stakeholders of Cairo’s Downtown.

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