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BA Semester Arabic & Islamic Studies for students of Dutch and Flemish Universities

Here you can find information related to the spring semester 2020 for BA-students in Arabic & Islamic Studies of Dutch and Flemish Universities.

General information

This BA course in Arabic & Islamic studies is reserved for students enrolled in the relevant study programmes at the participating Universities in the Netherlands, who can follow it as an integral part of their programme. In addition, students from KU Leuven, Sint-Andries Campus Antwerp and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (Maastricht) can also enroll in this course.

Parallel to this programme the BA semester Middle East Studies will be taught.
The 2020 spring semester is from 26 Janauary until 21 May.

The focus of the course is on acquiring language fluency, and stimulating the four main language skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing. This language component is complemented by a culture component, in which we try to give students a deeper insight in and experience of Egyptian society, politics, history and culture.

Programme Outline

Registration Form

Module descriptions

These are the preliminary module descriptions, they may be subject to change. All the courses included in this BA programme have been approved by the Board of Examiners and the Programme Committee of Leiden University.

Egyptian Colloquial Arabic

Interview Spoken Arabic

MSA Listening

MSA Media

MSA Reading

MSA Writing

Capita Selecta

Contacts in the Netherlands

M. Ronald Kon, Leiden University
Dr Kiki M. Santing, University of Groningen
Dr Nico Landman, Utrecht University
Dr Liesbeth Zack, University of Amsterdam
Dr Lieke de Jong, Radboud University Nijmegen
M. Pieter Koene, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (Maastricht)

Contacts in Flanders

Prof. Dr Helge Daniels, KU Leuven University
Prof. Dr Jo van Steenbergen, Ghent University
Ms. Veerle Verschakelen, KU Leuven University,  Antwerp Campus

Students can also contact us at info@nvic.leidenuniv.nl

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