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LUCSoR student perspectives on the Jewish Experience, in podcast form

In her “Jews and Judaism” lecture class, Dr. Sarah Cramsey’s students produced 7-minute long podcasts instead of final papers.

The results were chronologically broad, thematically innovative and overall spectacular! Seven students were kind enough to share the results of their research and recording. We hope you enjoy learning about the Jewish experience through this unique assignment.

  1. The Palette of Protest (Bente Maarsseveen)
  2. The Peri Pascha (Eugenie Kruijt)
  3. Chaoskampf revisited (Felix Nieuwenberg)
  4. Below Floor (Floor Duim)
  5. Eve as an object of desire (Isabelle van Rijn)
  6. Judaism and LGBT+ (Kumika Takii)
  7. An analysis of the zealots and the Irgun (Jonathan Verkuil)
  8. What is a Zionist? (Mirthe de Vos)
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