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ICAS Book Prize awarded at opening ceremony of the Asian Studies conference in Leiden.

The ICAS Book Prize (IBP) is one of the most prestigious book awards in the field of Asian Studies. The prizes were awarded in the Hooglandse Kerk in Leiden during the opening ceremony of the 2019 International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS). As the proud sponsor of the ICAS Book Prize, Leiden University Libraries/Asian Library congratulates the winning authors and the authors whose books were shortlisted. These are the winners:

IBP 2019 Humanities (English Language) winner:

Howard Chiang: After Eunuchs. Science Medicine, and the Transformation of Sex in Modern China. Columbia University Press, 2018. [https://catalogue.leidenuniv.nl/permalink/f/6jdn1r/UBL_ALMA21330647590002711]

IBP 2019 Colleagues’ Choice Award [Humanities] winner:

Abdur-Razzaq Lubis: Sutan Puasa. Founder of Kuala Lumpur. Areca Books, 2018. [https://catalogue.leidenuniv.nl/permalink/f/6jdn1r/UBL_ALMA21330649860002711]

IBP 2019 Best Ph.D. in the Humanities [English Language] winner:

Leanor Veiga: The Third Avant-garde: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia Recalling Tradition. (Leiden University) [https://catalogue.leidenuniv.nl/permalink/f/6jdn1r/UBL_ALMA21321943620002711]

Digital version in Leiden repository: https://hdl.handle.net/1887/62200

IBP 2019 Social Sciences [English Language] winner:

Sareeta Amrute: Encoding Race, Encoding Class. Indian IT workers in Berlin. Duke University Press, 2016. [https://catalogue.leidenuniv.nl/permalink/f/6jdn1r/UBL_ALMA21327238350002711]

IBP 2019 Colleagues’ Choice Award [Social Sciences] winner:

Azmil Tayeb: Islamic Education in Indonesia and Malaysia. Routledge, 2018. [https://catalogue.leidenuniv.nl/permalink/f/6jdn1r/UBL_ALMA21322830010002711]

IBP 2019 Best Ph.D. in the Social Sciences [English Language] winner:

Aleksandra (Leksa) Lee: Modeling China: Business, Politics, and Material in China’s Museum Industry. (University of California, Irvine) [https://catalogue.leidenuniv.nl/permalink/f/1e3kn0k/

IBP 2019 Chinese Language Edition winner:

Fengmao Li: 從聖教到道教 : 馬華社會的節俗, 信仰與文化 = Transforming "Sacred Religion" into Daoism : festival, belief, and culture in the Chinese society of Malaysia. National Taiwan University Press, 2018. [https://catalogue.leidenuniv.nl/permalink/f/6jdn1r/UBL_ALMA21345066500002711]

IBP 2019 French Language Edition winner:

Michèle Pirazzoli- t’Serstevens & Marianne Bujard: Les dynasties Qin et Han : histoire générale de la Chine (221 av. J.-C.-220 apr. J.-C.). Les Belles Lettres, 2017. [https://catalogue.leidenuniv.nl/permalink/f/6jdn1r/UBL_ALMA21320820480002711]

IBP 2019 German Language Edition winner:

Thomas Zimmer: Erwachen aus dem Koma? Eine literarische Bestimmung des heutigen Chinas. Tectum, 2017.

IBP 2019 Korean Language Edition winner:

Chae-hun Sim: 중국 고대 지역국가 발전 : 문고 文公 패업 까지 봉건에서 = From a Vassal to the Hegemon: The Birth and Rise of the State of Jin in Early China. Ilchokak, 2018. [https://catalogue.leidenuniv.nl/permalink/f/6jdn1r/UBL_ALMA21335341820002711]

IBP 2019 Spanisch/Portuguese Language Edition joint winners:

Madelena Natsuko & Hashimoto Cordaro: A Erótica Japonesa na Pintura & na Escritura dos Séculos XVII a XIX. USP, 2017.

Oscar Figueroa: La mirada anterior: poder visionario e imaginación en India antigua. UNAM, 2017.

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