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Paul Abels in Dutch newspaper NRC about the role of the Dutch Intelligence Service in the Haga issue

In recent months, the Dutch Islamic Haga Lyceum has increasingly come under the suspicion. The school is suspected of spreading a state-threatening version of the Salafist doctrine. This information came from the Dutch Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD).

According to the official report from the AIVD, education is given in Salafist doctrine. This can contribute to the emergence of a parallel society. In addition, there would have been links between 2009 and 2013 with a Caucasian terrorist group.

The role of the AIVD

The course of events raises a series of questions and in particular what is the role of the AIVD? This was answered in an earlier article in NRC by former AIVD officer Paul Abels and Professor by special appointment Intelligence Studies at the Institute of Securities and Global Affairs (ISGA). He also works for the NCTV, the service that made parts of the official message public. Abels assessed the Haga issue as a ‘successful disruption’ by the AIVD. According to Abels, the service operates manipulatively; that is, the service tries to influence the behavior of others with its information’. If that is the case, then the alarm bells should go off in The Hague.

Read more on NRC website (Dutch).

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