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Alumni meet Psychology students Methodology & Statistics

On November 22, former students Methodology & Statistics (M&S) of Leiden University will share their current and previous professional activities, to provide M&S students an insight into their career perspectives.

Alumni event

Date and time: November 22, 2018 from 19.30 hrs. till 22.00 hrs.
Room: room 1A20, Pieter de la Court Building

The Methodology and Statistics Unit of Leiden University (M&S, formerly M&T) organises its third M&S alumni event. By organizing this meeting, the unit hopes to further intensify its ties with and between alumni and to bring current and former students in contact with each other, in order to provide current students an insight into the career perspectives of M&S alumni. 

In a short session that will take place during the break of the meeting, all present alumni will be introduced to the current students and the students will be given the opportunity to ask questions. More questions can be asked afterwards during the informal drink in the cafĂ© on the ground floor of the Pieter de la Court Building.

Three alumni will share their current and previous professional activities.

Marlies Jagtenberg 

Marlies Jagtenberg works as a consultant Insights & Data at Capgemini. She is currently working as a business analyst with a specific focus on the use of data in combination with the new privacy regulation. During her work she translate the customer needs into useful requirements.



Liesbeth Smeets

Since her graduation, Liesbeth Smeets has worked as a policy advisor/researcher on a variety of projects on healthcare issues. She started out in the curative care and got her phD working with a multidisciplinary team of general dentists and internists (ACTA). She likes to operate on the cutting edge of practice, policy and research. In order to do this, she enjoys working with a wide range of professionals, such as health care professionals, municipal policy officials, managers and administrators. Projects executed in the general psychiatry (LUMC/AMC), efficiency research (ZonMw), public health (youth, OGGZ), etc.

Gerko Vink

Gerko Vink is a statistical scientist with a passion for educating people. He aims to be at the cutting edge of both teaching and research and has an interest in new developments concerning the presentation of data, results and knowledge. He focuses on incomplete data problems, optimisation and programming and is a core developer for the mice package in R. He holds a position as an assistant professor at Utrecht University.



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