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Leadership is connecting!

This summer, the Centre for Professional Learning (CPL) and Ted Baartmans will bring the ideas of Professor Jean Lipman Blumen about 'Connective Leadership' exclusively from the USA to Europe. In the first 'Summer Course Connective Leadership' it is all about strengthening your personal effectiveness and developing your leadership skills in relation to others.

Professor Jean Lipman Blumen argues: "We need leaders who know how to integrate diversity and interdependence, and the two forces together." The ideas of Jean Lipman Blumen are internationally known as a benchmark in the field of 'Connective Leadership' and are still very relevant in these times of change and hardening. 'Connective Leadership' helps us to become aware of the underlying patterns and to understand how seemingly opposite developments are interrelated and can also reinforce each other.

Jean Lipman-Blumen: Connective Leadership Model

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Register via this link or contact programme leader Nikol Hopman via leadership@fgga.leidenuniv.nl for more information!

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