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Newest book Menno Schilthuizen popular in international media

The new book of Professor of Character evolution and biodiversity Menno Schilthuizen gained a lot of media attention. ‘Darwin comes to town – how the urban jungles drives evolution’ was published in English in February and will be available in Dutch soon.

Menno Schilthuizen

Sex in the city

In ‘Darwin comes to town’, Schilthuizen writes about evolution in one of the newest and most extreme landscapes on earth: the city. He states that these concrete, hot and polluted biotopes are real powerhouses for evolution. Plants and animals adapt astonishingly fast to new conditions, creating species with special characteristics or in some cases even entirely new species.

In the media

Amongst others, National Geographic interviewed Schilthuizen, while several other media placed a review of the book. A journalist of New York Magazine took him on a city walk.

An overview of the media attention:  

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