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African Studies Centre Leiden Collection accessible via Leiden University Libraries Catalogue

The African Studies Centre Leiden collection (ASCL) will shortly become accessible via the Catalogue of the Leiden University Libraries (UBL).

The ASCL collection data are in the process of being integrated into the UBL catalogue. The ASCL collection will be accessible via the Catalogus from 27 November 2017. From that date, the ASCL and UBL collections will be available to users of both institutes via a joint catalogue. The ASCL collection comprises c. 91,000 books from and on Africa and more than 100,000 article descriptions. From 2018 the ASCL will participate in Leiden University‚Äôs interlibrary loan system, so that it will be possible to deliver items to various UBL and ASCL locations.

The ASCL library also functions as a documentation centre where information relating to Africa is collected, analysed and made accessible. 

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