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Before and After Luther in Leiden

On 31 October 1517 Martin Luther attacked the abuses of the Roman Catholic Church by posting 95 theses. This bold gesture of five centuries ago launched the Reformation, which is commemorated in the Luther Year 2017. Leiden University Libraries contributes to the Luther Year with an afternoon seminar: ‘Before and After Luther. Bibles translated, printed and preserved in Leiden’ on 27 October.

Martin Luther

Martin Luther (1483-1546) started out as an Augustine monk, but became the leading figure of the Reformation in the German lands after his appointment as Professor of Moral Theology at the University of Wittenberg in 1508. The publication of his theses against the trade in indulgences on 31 October 1517 marks the symbolical beginning of the Protestant Reformation. Luther is also known as a Bible translator, who made the Bible available to ordinary people with his German edition of the New Testament in 1522 and a complete edition of the Bible in 1534.

Afternoon seminar: Before and After Luther

The seminar ‘Before and After Luther. Bibles translated, printed and preserved in Leiden’ (in Dutch) will not only focus on Luther’s own translation, but will also pay attention to Dutch translations of the Bible and editions of the Bible prior to and following Luther’s translation. The emphasis is on Leiden, where Bibles were translated and printed throughout the centuries, and where numerous copies have been preserved in the University Library. A choice selection of these will be exhibited to conclude the seminar.

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