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Leadership in times of change

How should a manager in the public sector handle major developments such as international terrorism, migration and climate change? These are some of the things experienced and ambitious managers can learn from 18 September in the Leiden Certified Public Manager® Program.

The new CPM Program focuses on complex cross-border issues. These issues demand different skills of managers at local, national and international level because not only does the problem itself cover different fields, the solution to the problem also calls for integral collaboration at transnational level. International databanks to combat organised criminality are just one example of such issues. 

International playing field

The training program offers managers a firm footing in this fast-changing world by giving them tools and concrete cases to work through. It brings managers from throughout Europe together to stimulate and put into practice cross-border thinking and acting. They work together on new approaches and methods to bring about solutions for cross-border questions. The programme is led by renowned professionals, including former head of NATO Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. The result: the manager is able to operate confidently in the international arena.

International network

The CPM Program is originally an American concept. Participation in the CPM Program offers direct access to a network of more than 13,500 experienced public managers, working on diverse themes and in diverse sectors. American guest lecturers contribute to the programme with innovative skills training courses and provocative lectures. The Leiden Centre for Professional Learning also works closely with universities in Manchester, Kaunas (Lithuania) and Madrid, forming a broad network of CPM programs throughout Europe. 


The Certified Public Manager® Program starts on 18 September. There are still a few places available. For more information, watch the video, or go to www.cpm-program.nl.

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