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Coding contest for all Leiden students

On Friday 31 March, all students of Leiden University can take part into an international coding contest in Wijnhaven, the brand new building on the The Hague campus. The best player receives a drone, presented to him or her by the Dutch ICT politician of the Year. Register for free.

Secret assignment

In Munich, Vienna, Lille, Leiden, twelve other cities all over Europe and in Johannesburg, South-Africa, hundreds of students will work on the same coding assignment for four hours on Friday afternoon 31 March. We already know that the task will be spectacular. Last year, the participants coded how a space robot landed on Mars and conducted its measurements. What the assignment will be this year, is still a secret. Check the full programme.

Win a drone                                                 

Apart from the excitement, it may be lucrative to participate, as you can win a few nice prizes: the first prize is a real drone. Furthermore, you can gain some nice contacts: the Member of Parliament and Dutch ICT politician of the Year Kees Verhoeven will hand out the prizes and be present at the drink after the game. Participation is for free and drinks and snacks during and after the game will be provided for. Register through the international contest website.

Nice for students from all disciplines

The hosting of the event is done by the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS). This institute organizes the Computer Science education at Leiden University. ‘Because programming is also nice for students from other disciplines, we wholeheartedly invite them to participate into this contest’, says Marcello Bonsangue, director of education at LIACS. ‘Especially if you were already good at science in high school and programmed for fun but nevertheless chose a non-scientific study, the coding contest is a nice challenge.’

Minor Data Science

Bonsangue proceeds: ‘Data science is relevant to all academia, from law and linguistics to medicine and physics. Maybe, being a student at another faculty, you turn out to love Computer Science while you are competing in the contest on 31 March. Then you can choose our minor Data Science as part of your own studies. And also if you will not take part into the contest: on Friday afternoon 10 March we are present at the ‘minorenmarkt’ of the Faculty of Science, which is organized in the Gorlaeus on the campus in combination with the Master’s day. Please come and see us for more information.’

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