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Leiden University offers teacher training programme for status holders

Refugees who are eligible for residence in the Netherlands can follow a teacher training programme at Leiden University from September 2017. The programme covers the school subjects physics, chemistry, maths and computer science.

There is a shortage of teachers in secondary education in the Netherlands in such subjects as maths, physics, chemistry and computer science. Refugees who hold resident status and have experience with teaching can help reduce this shortage. 

Joint initiative of ICLON and UAF

To plug this gap, a  teacher training programme is starting in September. At the end of this programme, status holders get a teaching qualificatioin for the initial years of secondary education and for lower vocational education. Those who take the programme have a good chance of finding a job because there are currently too few teachers of maths, physics, chemistry and computer science. 

The programme is an initiative of the Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching (ICLON) and the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF).

Theory, practice and Dutch language

In the first part of the programme the participants will learn about the organisation and culture of the Dutch education system through lectures, workshops and school visits. 

The participants will then take part in an intensive language training at the Academic Language Centre at Leiden University. After this they should have a command of Dutch at B2 level. This is the minimum level required to be eligible to teach. 

The third part is the actual teacher training programme, in which such subjects as pedagogics, teaching in the specialist subject and adolescent psychology are taught. The students will then do teaching practice at a secondary school. 

Strict admission requirements

Candidates have to have a degree equivalent to a Dutch university bachelor in one of the subjects maths, physics, chemistry or computer science. They also have to have teaching experience and must have a B1 level of competence in Dutch.  

Information meeting

An information meeting was held on this programme on Wednesday 16 March.

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