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Exhibition Return 'beautiful collection of science outside the normal framework

Students from the master track Media Technology at Leiden University exhibit their work in HUBspot for three days at the end of January. The exposition, titled Return, is open to the public free of charge.

Experience the results

The project tutor Edwin van der Heide: ‘At university, you learn how to perform research and then you write an essay or an article about it. In the Media Technology master track we ask our students to make an experience out of their results. We challenge them to deal with science in a playful and creative way.

Science outside the normal framework

The consequence of this creative thinking is the master students’ exhibition, this year within the theme Return. Special installations, games and performances are created. ‘They are interactive, informative and often also much fun. Return has become a beautiful collection of science outside the normal framework’, thus Van der Heide.

Technology everywhere

Technology forms an important topic in all eight pieces of Return. An important question is how technology influences our lives and who is actually in charge: you or your modern gadgets. For example, in the Erase yourself exhibit, you will experience how your digital life snatches you away from here and now often. Fortunately, it is all just temporary.

Where and when

Return is open to the public for free in HUBsport, Langegracht 70 in Leiden, near the Central Station, from Thursday 26 – Saturday 28 January from 1 – 6 pm. For more information, download the brochure or visit http://mediatechnology.leiden.edu/.

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