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LUCL launches own blog

The Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL) has recently launched its own blog: the Leiden Language Blog. With this blog, the institute wants to offer a platform for its researchers to present their research to a general audience.

Interesting findings

“Contributors write about interesting findings from their research projects, or address interesting issues related to linguistics and language studies, for example,” says Viktorija Kostadinova, the blog’s coordinator. “Furthermore, the blog’s aim is to give our MA and ResMA students a chance to write about the research they are doing during their studies.” Prof. dr. Niels Schiller, academic director of the LUCL, summarizes it similarly: “We view the Leiden Language Blog as a further opportunity to reach out to the general public and emphasize the relevance of linguistic research to society.”

Fact and opinion

Although it is an institutional blog, the posts contain a mix of fact and opinion. “The blog posts are related to research topics in linguistics, of course, and are as such informative,” Kostadinova says, “but they may also sometimes feature more personal accounts of research trips or fieldwork experiences. It would be more precise to say that authors blog in personal capacity.”

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