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Changes to application procedures

Are you intending to start a programme at Leiden University in September 2017? If so, read below about how application and selection procedures have changed for some programmes.

The application procedures for a number of Leiden specialisations will be changing with effect from the coming academic year. The central lottery system will be replaced by a process of selection and placement. In addition, the University will no longer apply a fixed quota system for a number of programmes. 

End of central lottery system

From the 2017-2018 academic year, the central lottery system organised by DUO will come to an end. After that time Leiden University will itself select students for the fixed quota systems of Biomedical Sciences, Medicine, Tax Law and Criminology. Decisions about enrolment will be made on the basis of students' grades, and on their motivation and personality. This process is referred to as selection and placement. 

Selection and placement

The selection and placement system will allow the programme departments to see what prospective students are capable of. And for the prospective students it is an opportunity to show what they can do at the same time as finding out whether the programme in Leiden is the right one for them. The selection may differ per department. Applicants to the Tax Law and Criminology programmes, for example, will have to take part in a study day when they will attend lectures and carry out assignments on the lecture material. Prospective students of Biomedical Sciences and Medicine will first start with a so-called Biomedical Admission Test (BMAT) that will test their basic (bio)medical knowledge and skills.  In the second round, at Biomedical Sciences there is a study day where you will take part in lectures and practical sessions, while at Medicine you will have a number of brief discussions where you can explain your motivation and your skills, such as communication. 

Websites on specialisations

You can read on the websites of the different programmes how the selection and placement are organised for Biomedical Sciences, Medicine, Criminology and Tax Law.

No more fixed quota

From September 2017 there will be no more fixed quota for Law and Psychology programmes. 

Compulsory Matching for Psychology and Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences

Prospective Psychology students - like those of Bio-Pharmaceutical Studies - will take part in the Compulsory Matching procedure. Matching, by means of the Study Choices Check, also applies for other programmes,  but for Psychology and Bio-Phamaceutical Sciences the procedure has been extended and is now compulsory. Prospective students will follow an online lecture, study literature and complete an assignment and test.  It is only once a student has completed both steps that he or she may be admitted to the programme. The matching helps give students a good understanding of the level and key themes of the programme.  

More information about compulsory matching

You can find more information on Compusory Matching on the websites of the programmes: Psychology and Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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