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First PhD with a cum laude distinction for Jurriaan Rot

On Thursday, October 15th 2015 Jurriaan Rot got his PhD with a cum laude distinction by defending his dissertation entitled Enhanced Coinduction.

Rot's thesis has been recognized by international experts as one of the 5% best dissertations in the field of Computer Science. He is the first PhD student at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science getting a cum laude distinction for his PhD.

In his thesis Rot describes new coinductive techniques which simplify and improve reasoning on infinite and circular objects. Coinduction, counterpart of (mathematical) induction, is a fundamental principle for defining and proving properties of infinite data structures. In computer science is used, for example, to prove certain forms of equivalence between systems. Thanks to  his results, coinduction can now be generalized to a concrete and powerful proof method, that can be successfully applied to a variety of research fields, such as theory of concurrency, the study of infinite data structures and automata theory.

Jurriaan Rot will start in November to work as a postdoc at the École Normale Supérieure in Lyon, France, where he will continue his research in the field of coinduction.

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