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'The Hague is perfect'

The more than 290 students who will shortly be starting their studies at Campus The Hague, met at some of the city's hotspots on 11 August to get to know one another and the city. 'The Hague is perfect, it's ideally located and it's very international.'

Making selfies

The students who will be studying in The Hague had their own programme this week during the EL CID introduction. One part of the programme was 'Discover The Hague!', that took place on 11 August. 'To really get to know the city, students took part in a quiz that took them to such locations as the Mauritshuis and the Binnenhof, where they made selfies or carried out some kind of task,' Tim van der Sprong, one of the EL CID event managers  explained. The programme in The Hague started with the Faculty block. 'After the quiz there was a dinner on the beach at Scheveningen, where the awards were presented.'

Birger IJsenbrand (International Studies), group 254, in front of the Mauritshuis

'I'm going to study International Studies. I'm from Groningen and I've found a room in The Hague. During the EL CID I've met lots of new people and I've got some great mentors.  I'm really looking forward to studying in The Hague. It's a classy city, very different from Groningen. Night life is important there, and that's not my thing.  The Hague is perfect for me; it's an ideal location and it's very international.'


Asmita Haque (International Studies), group 262, on the Grote Markt

'I chose this programme because I'm very interested in how countries influence one another. I hope I'll be finding out more about that during my studies. I already live in The Hague and the campus is close by, so I'll continue to live at home.  I'll also spend a lot of time in Leiden.  I really love this city and the people are so nice.'



Jaimy Wildschut (Public Administration) group 264, at Humanity House

'I wanted to combine law and political science, and had decided to study at Leiden because it's a great environment. Then I came across this programme. The Hague is good for me from a practical viewpoint, just like Leiden. I come from Haarlem so it's only half an hour by train.  I've got a really fun EL CID group. I've signed up for BIL, the public administration study association.  I already knew some people there.'


Jits van der Wateren (Information Science and Economics), group 267, at the Dutch Parliament (Binnenhof)

'Yesterday I was still heaving cases because I moved from the University Sports Centre, where I was sleeping, to a room in Leiden, but today is all EL CID. I come from Hoofddorp and am planning to continue living at home, at least for the first year. I'm going to join De Leidsche Flesch and Catena.'




Marjolein Koekoek (International Studies), group 256, at the Grote Markt

'I chose Leiden first, and then the study programme. I come from Hoogeveen and luckily I've found a room in Leiden, because it's too far to travel. I'm going to join Catena. What am I hoping for in the coming year? That I'll get my first-year diploma in one year!'




Janine Ebens (Public Administration), group 265, at restaurant Rootz

'I've already completed an HRM programme at the University of Applied Sciences, but I still wanted to do an academic programme, so I opted for public administration. I'm mainly interested in policy and justice. The EL CID is good fun: I've met lots of new people, from my study programme and from outside.'   

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