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Publications Leiden researchers Skubak and Pannu frequently cited

New publications on software by Pavol Skubak and Navraj Pannu have been cited over a hundred times within the first three months. The citation numbers are likely to increase rapidly.

Visualising macromolecules in 3D

Pavol Skubak and Navraj Pannu develop and implement algorithms and distribute their software free of charge. The software developed is for X-ray crystallography. This technology allows scientists to visualise macromolecular structures in atomic detail.

With this level of detail, scientists can understand how molecules interact with each other and how enzymes perform their functions, which will enable drugs to be developed to combat disease. The researchers at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry develop and implement new algorithms that allow scientists to determine the three-dimensional structures of molecules more easily.

CCP4 suite not for profit

The work in Acta Crystallographica D describes programmes from the CCP4 software suite. Skubak and Pannu implement their algorithms in this suite, that contains a set of programmes used frequently for protein crystallography. CCP4 is a non-profit organisation that also arranges workshops for teaching young researchers these new methods. In the future, Skubak and Pannu would like to organise CCP4 workshops in Leiden, in addition to the training workshops they already participate in in China, Japan, India and America.

Pannu acknowledged as highly cited chemist

Previous research already recognised Pannu as one of the world's most cited chemists. The work of Skubak and Pannu, funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) will no doubt increase the ratings of both researchers.  Pannu comments: ‘There is still room for further improvements and we will continue to develop methods to push the application of crystallography to visualise larger and larger structures.’

High citation rate

In April, the researchers were co-authors of an article on their research, published in the journal Acta Crystallographica D. Two papers in which Skubak and Pannu were involved have already been cited 68 and 36 times respectively. The latter of these replaces a paper that has been cited 7338 times, and the expectation is that will probably be cited much more in the future.


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