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ICT in Business student nominated for Wozzie Award

Former Business ICT master’s student Reza Ladchartabi is one of three nominees for the Wozzie Award. This award was named after Apple founder Steven Wozniak, and it is a prestigious prize in the US. And now there is also a Dutch version.

Het doel van de Wozzie Award is ondernemende studenten en jonge ondernemers die creatief en vernieuwend aan de slag gaan met innovatieve product- en dienstontwikkeling te belonen en te stimuleren. De winnaar krijgt €10.000.

Young entrepreneurs

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The Wozzie Award aims to reward and stimulate creative and innovative young entrepreneurs in the field of technology. The winner is awarded € 10,000. Wozniak himself will be present at the on 18 November to present the first Dutch Wozzie.

Organising a day out

During his master’s programme, Ladchartabi developed the smartphone application AllAroundMe, which allows users to organise their perfect day out in a known or unknown city, including for instance a visit to a museum, a restaurant or a cinema. Now, three years later, Ladchartabi runs his own small company, and his product has also become available for the iPhone.

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Ladchartabi’s idea has to compete with the Eco Tuk, a version of the traditional ‘tuktuk’ and Vogels! (‘Birds!’), a three-dimensional revalidation game for elderly people suffering from one-sided paralysis.

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