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Population Health Management Excellence programme

Health care faces ageing populations, rising health care costs, fragmented health care supply and advancing medical technologies and IT systems. Health care professionals will require new competences and need to be equipped to meet these challenges in the current health care system. Population Health Management (PHM) is a broadly based response to the challenges and has emerged worldwide as an important strategy for health care providers and payers.

LUMC Campus The Hague has developed a two year Population Health Management Excellence Programme. This programme is attractive for both students and healthcare companies and organisations. It aims to develop students into proactive academic trusted partners who can respond to the challenges in daily practice but also contribute scientifically to the rapidly developing field of PHM. On the other hand the programme helps health care companies and organisations that want to play a key role in a more integrated health care system.

The programme, starting on 1 February 2021, consists of ten courses, further specialisation and a practical, relevant, scientific project. Because of the high academic level and intensive supervision provided by the LUMC, the programme is made available for a select number of participants. The programme is open for master graduates in Medicine, Health Science, Pharmacy or other related master programmes but also for excellent Bachelor gradatues in health related studies.

Population Health Management

Population Health Management is a relatively new interdisciplinary field in which sustainable health care and a proactive, more prevention-oriented policy and practice are central for the entire population: from people with a very limited risk to people with a very high risk.

A key asset of PHM is the transition from a volume-based to a value-based organisation of health care. From a value-based perspective, patient and societal outcomes are as relevant as clinical outcomes. The focus shifts from best clinical pathway to the care that best suits the patient’s needs in a population context. PHM is a data-driven approach. Richer and better health data is used effectively to improve delivery efficiency of high and low value care from clinical to system level. This approach requires new collaboration types, governance structures and payment models.



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