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SOLVED: Kaltura Live Room - Presenter mode stops abruptly

We have been receiving reports since last week that people who use the presenter mode in Kaltura Live Room are suddenly dropped from this mode.

Problem description

There are two scenarios where this problem occurs:

  1. The webcam of 'User 1' is full screen in presenter mode and 'User 2' connects or reconnects. 'User 2' receives a message that the room is in webbinar mode. If 'User 2' does not acknowledge this message, 'User 1' falls back from full screen to thumbnail and it is not possible to get him back to full screen.  

  2. Two (or more) users are live with their webcams (in webinar mode). User 1 is in presenter mode and 'User 2' is visible in the thumbnail row. If 'User 2' is disconnected or 'User 2' is taken off live with the live button, the presenter mode of 'User 1' stops.

Status (SOLVED)

The vendor released a fix (Tuesday March 14). This fix has resolved the issue. 


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