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Privacy, Policy & Intellectual Property Advice

Developing and integrating new technologies must be done inclusively and ethically. We make sure that technology supports educators and students. We do this without comprising privacy, accessibility or inclusivity.

Our work is guided by data responsibility.

We minimise the risks associated with data-driven technologies and maximise the opportunities. 

Our work starts by identifying the educational challenge. From there, we build or adapt a digital solution to best fit the needs of learners.

During the whole process, we protect the people behind the data by taking a transparent and responsible approach to data use.

Need a new digital tool or adapting an existing one?

We can help find the best solution. We'll also advise on how to implement and manage it. Our services include:

  • Doing a risk analysis;
  • Training and coaching educators, researchers and project teams on context-specific applications of digital teaching and learning tools;
  • Mapping innovation pathways;
  • Building prototypes of new technology and doing the necessary testing.

Our services cover three main themes: privacy, policy and intellectual property.

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